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Humanist Archives: May 26, 2020, 8:14 a.m. Humanist 34.58 - DHSI 2020 online

                  Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 34, No. 58.
            Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London
                   Hosted by King's Digital Lab
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        Date: 2020-05-25 19:00:29+00:00
        From: Randa El Khatib (khatib@uvic.ca)
        Subject: DHSI 2020 -- Online Edition

Hey all,

We're thrilled to announce the DHSI 2020 - Online Edition

This online iteration of DHSI is made up of several affiliated events,
including the DHSI Conference and Colloquium and ADHO Pedagogy SIG
mini-conference, the Project Management in the Humanities conference,
the RTL (Right to Left) workshop, and an EPoetry event #GraphPoem, with
a huge thanks to conference chairs Lindsey, Arun, Lynne, David, Kasra,
and Chris for making this happen, and of course thanks to our participants!

Registration for these events is free and open to all, and we thank our
partners and sponsors for making this possible. Each conference will
comprise video presentations available to registered participants and an
open Twitter discussion. A few days before the scheduled Twitter
discussion, registered participants will gain access to the
password-protected presentations and will have a chance to prepare
questions and comments. During the scheduled time, presenters will tweet
their project highlights and participate in a Q&A.

The DHSI 2020 -Online Edition page has all conference details, 
schedules, and registration links. You can also find an overview of 
the events here:

DHSI Conference and Colloquium (2-6, 9-10 June), /including/ the ADHO
Pedagogy SIG Mini-Conference (6 June): The DHSI Conference and
Colloquium offers an opportunity to present diverse, dynamic digital
humanities research and projects within an engaging, collegial audience
that actively fosters the ethos of the greater DHSI community. This
year, the DHSI Conference & Colloquium will be hosted virtually and will
also include presentations from the second conference of the Alliance
for Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) Special Interest Group for
Digital Humanities Pedagogy and Training, as well as poster and demo
sessions. The virtual conference will be held on June 2–6 and9–10
and consists of recorded presentations and a series of Twitter
discussions. You can register for the conference here

Project Management in the Humanities (6 June): The Project Management
in the Humanities virtual conference will be held onSaturday, June
6. Due to increasingly collaborative interdisciplinary projects, many
humanities scholars find themselves as 'instant' or 'accidental'
managers. They are leading teams of researchers from a variety of
disciplines, research assistants, librarians and others as well as
managing financial and other resources. This raises questions for
exploration with regard to the application of project management in the
humanities generally and digital humanities more specifically. This
virtual conference will examine these questions through papers,
presentations, and a Twitter discussion. Please register for the
conference here.

RTL Workshop (7 June): The RTL workshop (Right to Left) brings
together researchers who are exploring the challenges, opportunities,
and implications of digital engagements with languages written from left
to right, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Perisan, Syriac, and Urdo. The RTL
workshop embraces research related to the past, present and future of
right-to-left languages and their multilingual, multiscript and
multidirectional contexts. It aims to encourage digital research in
right-to-left language cultures and to provide a context for thinking
beyond the left-to-right-centric assumptions of contemporary computing.
This year, the RTL workshop will be held virtually on Sunday, June 7
with pre-recorded talks and a Twitter conference. You can register for
the eventhere

#GraphPoem (5 June): All those connected to DHSI and its 2020 events
are invited to be part of the EPoetryevent #GraphPoemby MARGENTO
on June 5 at2:00 PM Pacific time by contributing text files or
weblinks to a collectively assembled dataset and/or run a script
plotting the latter into a real-time evolving network. Certain
significant text-nodes will be selected by the code and fed into the
live performance. All those interested need to register with MARGENTO at
chris.tanasescu@uclouvain.be (mailto:chris.tanasescu@uclouvain.be) by
June 5 and will receive an account giving them access to the data and
the code. The web-based performance will be viewable to anybody
accessing @GraphPoem (https://twitter.com/GraphPoem) on Twitter at 
the time of the event and will also be broadcast on other
channels advertised on the same profile page.

We hope to 'see' you virtually this year and look forward to welcoming
you in person again next summer!

Best wishes,


for Caroline Winter, Luis Meneses, and the DHSI team

Randa El Khatib (PhD Candidate), University of Victoria
Assistant Director (Open Knowledge Initiatives), Electronic Textual
Cultures Lab
Associate Director, Digital Humanities Summer Institute
Managing Editor, /Early Modern Digital Review/
| @randaelka

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