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Humanist Archives: June 9, 2020, 7:31 a.m. Humanist 34.92 - pubs: Technology's Stories on aesthetics of electricity

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        Date: 2020-06-09 06:20:00+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty 
        Subject: The new edition of Technology's Stories: Aesthetics and Electricity - FREE online resource

Technology's Stories announces its latest issue:
Aesthetics and Electricity



The aestheticization of electrical technologies was not a secondary
afterthought in the history of electrification, but a major factor in
the very shaping of the modern electrified world. A sensitivity to
aesthetics in design was a necessary consideration to manage collective
hopes and fears about an electrified future. Design schemes for
electrical technologies were mediated through class, status, gender,
spatial, national or religious values and identities linked to modes of
consumption. This issue highlights how electricity was historically
melded into culturally agreeably forms.

Daniel Pérez Zapico: Aesthetics and the Political Appropriation of the
Electric Light

Michael Kay: A Mighty Cobweb": Electricity, Aesthetics and the Urban
Public Space

Karen Sayer: Light 'Pollution': The Aesthetics of Modernity Vs Pastoral
in Britain

Ying Jia Tan: Dreamscapes of Accelerated Development: Uses and Abuses of
Artist Impressions in John L. Savage's Yangtze Gorges Proposal,

Phil Judkins: Dreams and Visions: The Development of Military Radar
Iconography and User Reaction, 1935-45

Abigail Harrison Moore: Electric Lighting: The Housewife's Moral

Technology's Stories offers innovative, sharp, and compelling
storytelling about technology in society, past and present. It aims to
engage scholars, students, and the interested general public with the
usable past - with stories that can help us make sense of contemporary
technological challenges and aspirations. Pieces are strong on content
and light on academic jargon, making them especially suitable for

Interested in putting together an issue for Technology's Stories? Or
publishing a standalone essay? Please contact us at
techstories@techculture.org. We invite contributions from across the
spectrum, from graduate students to senior scholars.


Suzanne Moon, Editor-in-Chief, Technology and Culture, and Technology's

Con Diaz, Associate Editor, Technology's Stories

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