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Humanist Archives: June 9, 2020, 7:44 a.m. Humanist 34.95 - PhD studentship (Edinburgh)

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        Date: 2020-06-08 16:06:00+00:00
        From: Paul Gooding 
        Subject: PhD Studentship - Adopting Transkribus in the National Library of Scotland

Dear all,

We are currently offering a fully funded PhD entitled "Adopting Transkribus in
the National Library of Scotland: Understanding how Handwritten Text Recognition
Will Change Management and Use of Digitised Manuscripts".  The studentship
will be based at the University of Edinburgh and it is available on a fees +
stipend basis for UK-based students, and a fees-only basis for EU students.
I've included a project overview below, but expanded details, including
eligibility details, are available online at the following link:
of-scotland-ahrc-collaborative-award-sgsah-phd-studentship. Please do consider
applying and/or passing this onto anybody that you think may be interested.

Kind regards,
Paul Gooding
(Lecturer in Information Studies, University of Glasgow)

The University of Edinburgh, the National Library of Scotland, 
and the University of Glasgow, in conjunction with the READ-
COOP, are seeking a doctoral student for an AHRC-funded
Collaborative Doctoral Award, "Adopting Transkribus in the 
National Library of Scotland: Understanding How Handwritten 
Text Recognition Will Change Management and Use of Digitised 
Manuscripts". The project has been awarded funding by the
Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH) and 
will be supervised by Professor Melissa Terras (College of Arts, 
Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Edinburgh), Dr Paul 
Gooding (Lecturer in Information Studies, University of Glasgow), 
Dr Sarah Ames (Digital Scholarship Librarian, National Library of 
Scotland) and Stephen Rigden (Digital Archivist, National Library of

The studentship will commence on 14th September 2020. We warmly encourage
applications from candidates with a background in digital humanities,
information studies, library science, user experience and human computer
interaction, history, manuscript studies, and/or palaeography. This is an
extraordinary opportunity for a strong PhD student to explore their own research
interests, while working closely with a major cultural heritage organisation,
two world-leading universities, and the team behind Transkribus
(https://transkribus.eu/Transkribus/), the machine learning platform for
generating transcripts of historical manuscripts via Handwritten Text

The student will be based in the School of Literature, Languages and
Cultures, at the George Square campus of the University of Edinburgh, 
but will also spend considerable time at the National Library of Scotland, 
and liaising with the Transkribus team (based at the University of Innsbruck). 
Much of the research can be undertaken offsite.

The student stipend is approximately £15,285 per annum + tuition fees for 3.5
years. The award will include a number of training opportunities offered by
SGSAH, including their Core Leadership Programme and additional funding to cover
travel between partner organisations and related events. This studentship will
also benefit from training, support, and networking via the Edinburgh Centre for
Data, Culture and Society, and the Edinburgh Futures
Institute. The student will be invited to join National
Library PhD cohort activities.

Dr. Paul Gooding
Lecturer in Information Studies
Information Studies
11 University Gardens
University of Glasgow
Glasgow, G12 8QQ

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