Current Contents (19)

Fri, 3 Mar 89 22:19:31 EST

Humanist Mailing List, Vol. 2, No. 674. Friday, 3 Mar 1989.

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 89 20:45:57 EST
From: Joseph Raben <JQRBH@CUNYVM>
Subject: Current Contents? (44)

CURRENT CONTENTS was (and is?) published by the Institute of Scientific
Information in Phildelphia. I believe the address was 3109 Chestnut Street,
but a directory call to 215/555-1212 should get precise information. When I
last heard of this operation, I recall some talk about an online version, but
since it was through an expensive private service, I did not follow up.
Presumably information is available from the company.