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Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 698. Sunday, 5 Nov 1989.

Date: 5 November 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: BIOGRAFY 24 (920 lines) 1 of 2

Autobiographies of Humanists
Twenty-third Supplement

Following are 33 additional entries to the collection of
autobiographical statements by members of the Humanist discussion

Humanists on IBM VM/CMS systems will want a copy of Jim Coombs'
exec for searching and retrieving biographical entries. It is
kept on Humanist's file-server; for more information, see the
Guide to Humanist.

Further additions, corrections, and updates are welcome.

Willard McCarty
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Univ. of Toronto
5 November 1989

*Bailey, Elsie <Baileye@VTVM1>

(for J. Noftsinger, A. Fishwick, and S. Johnson)
Institution: North Cross School
Phone: (703) 9896641
Address: 4254 Colonial Avenue
Roanoke, Virginia 24018
*Baker, Judy

NAME: Judy Baker
INSTITUTION: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
DEPARTMENT: Language Centre
TITLE: Computer Officer
EMAIL: J.C.Baker @ uk.ac.newcastle.mts
PHONE: 091 222 6000 ext 7517
ADDRESS: Language Centre,
Old Library Building,
University of Newcastle upon Tyne,
Newcastle upon Tyne.
COUNTRY: England.


I work in the Language Centre at the University of Newcastle upon
Tyne, England, as a Computer Officer. My work consists mainly in
trying to track down good quality software for teaching languages
(almost any language) and in re-writing software in Pascal.

In the Language Centre we have a network of Nimbus PC-186
computers, which are almost IBM compatibles. The Nimbus has an
IBM emulator, which handles quite a lot of IBM software
successfully, though the screen emulation is weak (EGA/VGA
emulation impossible).

We also have a Mac SE/30, an IBM PC AT, and two BBC B micros, on
which we run other CALL software.

We are interested in pursuing the use of Hypercard for language
teaching, in particular for teaching Kanji. We are also
interested in interactive video (we have a BBC Master / Microtext
and a Sony video player on loan to us at the moment).
*Beavers, Anthony (Tony)

NAME: Anthony (Tony) Beavers
INSTITUTION: Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
DEPARTMENT: Philosophy
TITLE: Lecturer and Ph.D. Candidate
PHONE: (414) 288-1414
ADDRESS: Department of Philosophy
Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


I am a Ph.D. Candidate. My dissertation, "The Metaphysics of
Affectivity and Ethical Responsibility," concerns the role of
emotions as a possible grounding for ethics and should be
finished during the current term (Fall, 1989). Thinkers used in
the work include Descartes, Hume, Kant, Husserl and Levinas.

I am teaching two divisions of "Ethical Theory" at Marquette this
term. I have taught "Theories of Human Nature," "Logic," and
"Contemporary Moral Problems." Next Spring, I will be visiting
the University of Texas at Austin where I will be teaching a
graduate seminar on Heidegger and one undergrade division of
Contemporary Moral Problems.

My primary interest is in the history of philosophy with
particular interests in Early Modern European Philosophy, and
Phenomenology and Existentialism.

Before coming to Marquette, I attended Trinity College, in
Hartford, Connecticut, where I received my B.A. (1985), and M.A.
(1987). Both degrees are in philosophy. While in Connecticit, I
worked as a computer consultant and programmer for The
Connecticut Historical Society, The Archdiocese of Hartford's
Permanent Deacon Program, and Winter Associates, Auctioneers and
Appraisers. In addition, I have done some statistical consulting
for companies in Chicago, Illinois. Most recently, my computer
labor has included 1) work for the Marquette Press formatting
camera-ready copy for book publishing and 2) work for the journal
"Philosophy and Theology" writing utility programs and preparing
on-line manuscripts. (I am the assistant editor of "Philosophy
and Theology's" disk version of Karl Rahner's, <Hearers of the

I am interested in the role of computers in the humanities, and I
wish to continue writing utility programs to handle various
aspects of grading and text formatting. I hope to find time to
move in to the area of on-line textual reseach and write some
programs to assist in this area as well.
*Brody, Florian

Name: Florian BRODY
Austrian National Library, Vienna
Josefsplatz 1
A-1015 Vienna, Austria
private address:
A-1070 Vienna, Austria
please send all mail to this address - things tend to get lost in
the library
Tel: +43 1 96 43
e-mail: U3011VAA at AWIUNI11.BITNET

I am 35, work for ten years at the computing dept at the Nat'l
library in project management for library automation.

Academic background: linguistics and computer science. I work
independently as consultant in the fields of CD-ROM and
interactive multimedia (specially on the Macintosh) I got
involved in computing in the humanities in 1976 when I did a
course at the Computer centre in Oxford on SNOBOL4. Since then I
worked in this area and I currently finish my thesis on man
machine interaction.

Director of Information Services
Computing and Information Technology
Princeton University
87 Prospect Avenue
Princeton, N.J. 08544

Jacqueline Brown has degrees in Astrophysics from the University
of Brussels and in Library Science from Rutgers. She is a native
speaker of French and also speaks a number of other languages.
She has held a number of positions at Princeton, including that
of researcher in the Mathematics department and of automation
librarian. Ms. Brown joined the computing organization in 1984
to administer a large grant donated to the University by IBM.
For the last three years, she has been Director of Information
Services, a division of Computing and Information Technology at
Princeton University. With a staff of sixty-two and a budget of
six million dollars, she provides the University community with
central and distributed computing services and with media and
printing services.
*Cosmos, Spencer <Cosmos@CUA>

Dean, University College, The Catholic University of America
Washington, D.C. 20064 USA; voice: 202-635-5256

Educated at Loyola Univesity (Chicago), Trinity University (San
Antonio, Texas), The University of Illinois at Urbana, and
Pembroke College, Oxford. I began as Assistant Professor of
English at CUA in 1969.

I am trained in Germanic Philology and Medieval English
literature, having done my dissertation on prosody in Old
English, Old Norse, Old Saxon and Old High German. I am also
trained in linguistics and have specialized in the history of the
English language. More recently I have begun to work in
semiotics. I am presently Dean of CUA's degree program for
returning adult students. Avocationally, I am a film and
videomaker as well as a photographer. Recent projects include
study of the role of images in "ordinary thinking" (informal
thinking), a hypercard stack "edition" of _Beowulf_, and,
together with Professor William McCarthy of our Dept. of Greek
and Latin, study of the rhetoric of vision.
*Dusko, Vitas

INSTITUTION: Faculty of Science, University of Belgrade
DEPARTMENT: Computer Laboratory
TITLE: Senior Consultant
EMAIL: (EARN:) xpmfl02 @ yubgss21
PHONE: 9938-639-544
ADDRESS: Studentski trg 16, Beograd
COUNTRY: Yugoslavia

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH (ca. 100-500 words)

Dusko Vitas was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in 1949. He studied
Mathematics first at the L'Universite de Paris (Paris VI) and
later at the University of Belgrade (Yugoslavia) from which he
recieved the Diploma in Mathematics in 1973. In 1978 he obtain
the M.S. degree in Mathematics (Computer Science) on the
University of Belgrade (topic: program verification). From 1973
through 1985, he worked in Mathematical institut in Belgrade From
1985 through 1989 he is on the Faculty of Science in Belgrade, at
Computer Laboratory, as a senior consultant.

>From 1978, he was responsible generally for development of the
area of NLP (Serbocroat) in Mathematical institut. He heads the
republical project on Computational Linguistics during 1981-85,
the project on Text Processing during 1983-85 as many
applications project on the area of NLP. Actualy, he is a
coordinator of scientific activities in Computer Laboratory
(parts of republical project on AI (NLU) and parts of federal
project on AI (theme: Processing of Serbocroate).

His present research interests includes the problems of
morphological analysis (especially for serbocroate) and the
problems of natural language components in text processing.

He is a member of the ACM, ACL and ALLC.
*Eveleth, Jan

Name: Jan Eveleth
Institution: Yale University
Department: Computer & Information Systems, Project Eli
Title: Humanities Computing Specialist
Phone: (203) 432-6680
Address: 175 Whitney Ave., New Haven, CT 06511
Country: USA

Biographical Sketch:
As humanities computing specialist, I will be assisting faculty
members in the process of integrating computers into their
teaching, research, and administrative duties. Over the past
five years I consulted on a wide variety of computing topics
within the academic community. My educational background
includes a B.S. in astrophysics and an M.A. in evolutionary
biology. Parti- cular computing interests include topics of
connectivity (from LANs to WANs) and foreign language/special
character processing and printing.
*Gold, Jeff M.

NAME: Jeff M. Gold
INSTITUTION: Tennessee Technological University
EMAIL: jmg@tntech
PHONE: (615)372-3979
ADDRESS: Tennessee Technological University
D. W. Mattson Computer Center
Box 5071
Cookeville, TN 38505


Current position is Academic Computing Support Manager.
Responsible for development and support of all academic user
support in teaching and research areas.

Backgroung in Mathematics, Computer Science, Education, and
*Hatfield, Len

INSTITUTION: Virginia Tech
TITLE: Assistant Professor

PHONE: 1-703-231-7797 (w); -953-2321 (h)
ADDRESS: Williams Hall 216, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
*Hogan, Eddie

NAME: Eddy Hogan
INSTITUTION: Stanford University
DEPARTMENT: University Libraries
TITLE: Data & Information Services Librarian
EMAIL: cn.dat@forsythe.stanford.edu
PHONE: 415/725-1054
ADDRESS: Green Library, General Reference Dept., Stanford
Stanford, CA 94305-6004, USA

MLS, UT Austin (1978); General Reference, Collection Development
and Data Services positions in the libraries at the U of Colorado
at Boulder (1979-1984), UC Berkeley (1984-1987) and Stanford
(1987-Present); Professional interests include linguistics
(especially metaphor), online and CD ROM information retrieval,
text-oriented file management software, text scanning technology,
hypermedia, telecommunications management, electronic information
sources in/on Western Europe
*Hutchinson, Roland

NAME:Roland Hutchinson
INSTITUTION:Montclair State College
TITLE:Visiting Specialist, Early Music
PHONE:(201) 375-1407
ADDRESS:949 Stuyvesant Ave, Irvington NJ
POSTAL CODE:07111-1155


Roland Hutchinson studied music at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, where he was also permitted to dabble in logic and
foundations of mathematics. He is now a Ph.D. candidate in
musicology at Stanford University. His dissertation (in
progress), "Consonance and Dissonance: a Study in the
Philosophical and Scientific Foundations of Music Theory from
Zarlino to Helmholtz," reflects a long-standing interest in the
historical interaction of musical and scientific thought. Other
research interests include performance practice, the history of
string pedagogy and technique, editorial methodology, and
computer-assisted methods in musicological research. He is
currently teaching music history and music theory at Montclair
(New Jersey) State College.

Mr. Hutchinson studied viola da gamba with Sarah Cunningham, John
Hsu, and Martha McGaughey. He has performed on viola da gamba
and violone with the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, the Bach
Aria Group, the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, and the Gesellschaft
fuer Musiktheater (Vienna, Austria). He has recorded for Centaur
Records and has taught viol at Stanford and for the Viola da
Gamba Society of America.
*Kelly, David <e989001@njecnvm>

Professor of Classics, Montclair State College, Upper Montclair,
NJ 07043; 201 893-5135 or 4419

I am interested in subscribing to Humanist. I am a professor of
classics at Montclair State College, New Jersey 07043. My
undergraduate work was in Latin. My graduate work at Penn
focussed on classical linguistics. Most recently I have become
interested in the application of computer science to the
humanities. My teaching duties at Montclair run the gamut of
classical studies, from work in the languages to courses in
general humanities and mythology.
*Kerby, Dave

NAME: Dave Kerby
INSTITUTION & DEPT: Doctoral student in clinical psychology.
ADDRESS: Rt 15 Box 532
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Born in Texas, but have lived for the past ten years in
Mississippi. Have worked for ten years in the field of mental
retardation, and past research has been in the measurement of
adaptive behavior. Current research in this area is on the
measurement of adaptive skills in the Fragile-X syndrome. Also
doing current research on religious and paranormal beliefs among
health workers in Mississippi.
*Kugel, Herb

NAME: Herbert Kugel
INSTITUTION: Univ. of Toronto Computing Services,
Title: Technical Supervisor
Address: UTCS, 60 St. George, Toronto, Ont.M5A2S1, Canada
Phone: 416-978-4589.


I've been working as a full time computer programmer virtually
all my working career, but have always had an interest in the
classics, and the humanities, and, also, their relationship to
computers, and, now, especially, with the new Artificial
Intelligence machines, the relationship of these machines to the
humanities in the broadest sense.

I would especially enjoy reading things of a philosophical or
speculative nature in the above and other areas. Out of
curiosity, has anyone ever considered defining Pygmalion's
Galatea, the medieval Jewish Golem, and Mary Shelley's
Frankenstein as the world's first A.I. machines?
Herb Kugel
*Lenoble, Michel

Name: Lenoble Michel
Institution: Litterature Comparee
Universite de Montreal
Case Postale 6128, succ 'A'
Title: Ph.D. Student
E-mail: lenoblem@cc.umontreal.ca
Phone: (514) 288-3916

Biographical Sketch

B.A and M.A Germanic Phiology - Louvain - Belgique
B.A. and M.A. Linguistics - Louvain - Belgique
B.A. and M.A. Literature - Louvain - Belgique
B.A. Education - Louvain - Belgique
B.A. Philosophy - Louvain - Belgique

Ph.D Thesis: Computational Literay Criticism: theoretical
Post-doctoral research: Literary Plagiarism Detection.
Language: French, Dutch, English, German.
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