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Willard McCarty (MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca)
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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 3, No. 699. Sunday, 5 Nov 1989.

Date: 5 November 1989
From: Willard McCarty <MCCARTY@vm.epas.utoronto.ca>
Subject: BIOGRAFY 24 (920 lines) 2 of 2

*McRae, John

NAME: John McRae
INSTITUTION: Cornell University
DEPARTMENT: Asian Studies
TITLE: Asst. Professor
EMAIL: Bitnet address JRM@CORNELLA
PHONE: (607) 255-1328
ADDRESS: Rockefeller Hall 389, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
POSTAL CODE: 14853-2502

My major field is Chinese Buddhism, particularly the Ch'an
school. I was an anthropology major as an undergraduate at
Stanford and got an M.A. and Ph.D. under Stanley Weinstein at
Yale. Dissertation research in Japan under Yanagida Seizan.
Interests include establishing a CJK database center at Cornell,
with the intention (dream?) of being able to manipulate both
English alphanumeric and Chinese-Japanese-Korean characters.
*Morris, John

NAME: John Morris
INSTITUTION: University of Alberta
TITLE: Graduate Student
EMAIL: jmorris@ualtavm
PHONE: (403) 451-5870
ADDRESS: 10404 143 Street, Edmonton AB

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH: I completed a bachelor's degree in
interdisciplinary study at the University of Waterloo, Canada, in
1979. After several years in the public service, I continued
with graduate studies in English literature at the University of
Alberta. While in the public service, I was exposed to database
management, and I began to learn database batch programming for
PCs. I have since carried an interest in computing into literary
studies. Most recently, I have evaluated and documented a
variety of literary analysis utilities for a graduate seminar in
computing and literary studies. The seminar will be taught by
Dr. Stephen Reimer at Alberta in January 1990.
*Mosser, Daniel W. <mosserd@vtvm1>

English Dept./ Assistant Prof; (703)951-3678 (home) / (703)231-
6501 (work
713 Burruss Drive / Blacksburg, VA 24060 USA

I am currently working on a book on the "alpha mss" of the
Canterbury Tales. My interests are in paleography, codicology,
dialects, and text. I am currently on research leave (NEH)
working on completing this project. I am interested in Middle
English and Old English.
*Murphy, Daniel J.

NAME: Daniel J. Murphy
INSTITUTION: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DEPARTMENT: Language, Literature, and Communication (LL&C)
TITLE: Writing Center Assistant Director
PHONE: 518-276-8983
ADDRESS: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
LL&C Department
Sage Building
Troy, NY 12180-3590


After completing a Master's degree in English at Boston College,
I taught English for seventeen years at high school and college
levels on both the East and West coasts of the United States. I
also taught high school Latin for a number of years. In 1987 I
commenced work on the Ph.D. in communication and rhetoric at
Rensselaer. Over the last two summers I have worked in the
computing and technical writing departments of Kodak and IBM and
have had considerable opportunity to learn how computers can
influence human interaction. My principal interests now focus on
the applications of computer-mediated technologies to business
and academic settings.
*Parkinson, Stephen

PHONE: O865-270495

First degree (B.A., Cambridge, 1972) in Modern Languages
(Spanish, Portuguese, French) specialising in Linguistics and
Medieval Literature. PhD (Cambridge, 1981) in Linguistics
(Phonology of Modern Portuguese). Lecturer in linguistics,
University of Aberdeen, 1976-88; Lecturer in Portuguese, U. of
Oxford, 1988-

I have been using computers since 1981, for:

a) transcription, editing and analysis of medieval Portuguese

- Archive of Old Portuguese Texts will eventually comprise 600
medieval non-literary texts, in paleographical transcription, for
analysis by OCP, with automatic resolution of abbreviations

- Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century Galician-Portuguese poems
with music, in 4 MSS); editions (paleographical and critical) and
concordances for Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, in
collaboration with Martha Schaffer, U. of Chicago (communicating
mainly by email).

b) maintaining and accessing an index of medieval Portuguese
notaries and their documents (currently on Famulus).

c) specialised wordprocessing using complex character sets
(notarial abbreviations, phonetic symbols)

d) computer-assisted learning, in Modern Languages, EFL and
phonetics, where I am experimenting with a computer-controlled

I hope to set up a bulletin board/discussion group to exchange
information about the Portuguese Discoveries (literature,
history, art etc.)
*Potts, Paul R. <PPOTTS@WOOSTER>

Academic Computing Services, ACS/Taylor Hall, College of Wooster,
Wooster, OH, 44691 USA; (216) 263-2444

I am a recent graduate of the College of Wooster. Despite being
an unenthusiastic student, I received honors and the Stephen R.
Donaldson prize for fiction for my senior thesis, a collection of
ten short stories.

I was born in Seattle, WA, raised in Erie, PA, and now live in
Wooster. I have been programming computers since I was eight (I
am now 22) and took a Computer Science minor here at Wooster
while I was at it. My major was English.

When I'm not writing documentation or our computer newsletter I
help write coureware in Calculus Limits and for a course called
"Story & Theory" (hypertext development tools). I've had a long
and awfully interesting life so far, and have worked at jobs
during my youth ranging from stage magician to a receiving clerk
for the La Brea tar pits Page Museum. I don't know what kind of
contributions I've made to the field, since "the field" seems
ill-defined at present. I like Asimov's description of what it
means to be a humanist and I dislike centralist computing moguls
and information censors.
*Reiner, Richard J.

NAME: Richard J. Reiner
INSTITUTION: York University; Social and Political Thought; Phd
EMAIL: rreiner@yorkvm1
PHONE: 416-538-3947
ADDRESS: 547 Shaw St apt 1, Toronto; M6G 3L5; Canada.


BA McGill 1985, MA McGill 1988. Founding partner of UpWind
Computing Services (Montreal), a service company providing
programming and consulting services to the business and academic
communities. Research interests: philosophy of social science,
especially questions of formalization; rational choice theory.
Richard J. Reiner -- rreiner@yorkvm1
*See, Bryan L. <BSEE@KSUVM>

Kansas State University, Dept. of Speech, Assistant Technical
Director, 1111 Vattier #16, Manhattan, KS 66502; (913)776-3340

Although the title may be misleading, I am an undergraduate
studying theatre, specifically lighting design. I have extensive
experience within the descipline and continue to be amazed at the
ignorance of and resistance to the incorperaton of computing
into the theatre. This is especially true at Kansas State
University despite its Computer Engineering and Computer Science

As a lighting designer and technician, I am most interested in
the use of computing in drafting, costume pattern drafting, box
office, lighting and sound control, and special effects. I am
looking forward to future information.
*Smith, Peter

NAME: Peter Smith
INSTITUTION: University of Texas (Austin)
DEPARTMENT: Slavic Languages
TITLE: Assistant Instructor

I currently advise the Department of Slavic Languages, on an ad
hoc basis, as regards the purchase and utilization of hardware
and software. I am simultaneously working toward a doctoral
degree in Foreign Language Education at the same institution.
*Starbuck, Scott Richard Austin

NAME:Scott Richard Austin Starbuck
INSTITUTION:Princeton Theological Seminary
DEPARTMENT:OCATR (Office of Computer Assistance for Textual
TITLE:Acting Director of OCATR
PHONE:(609) 497-7832
ADDRESS:Princeton Theological Seminary, P. O. Box 111, Princeton,
POSTAL CODE:08542-0111

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH (ca. 100-500 words)
Date of birth 12 November 1963. AB Philosophy, Whitworth
College, Spokane, WA 1985. MDiv Old Testament, Princeton
Theological Seminary, Princeton, NJ, 1988. Presently PhD
candidate Old Testament/ANE Studies at Princeton Seminary.
Computer Consultant and Director of computer generated concording
for the Princeton Dead Sea Scroll Project. Director of OCATR
(Office of Computer Assistance for Textual Research of Princeton
Theological Seminary) which is currently devoted primarily to the
Ibycus SC and Ibyx. Scholarly interests include Comparitive
Semitics, Epigraphy, Ancient Israelite History and Cult, Hebrew
Phonology, and Worship and Defic Condescension in the ANE.
Languages: Classical Hebrew and Canaanite dialects, Ugaritic,
Akkadian, Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic, and Greek. I am married to
Tani L. M. Starbuck (AB English Literature, Whitworth College,
1985) who teaches Literature at the Hun School of Princeton.
*Stewart, Doug

NAME: Doug Stewart
INSTITUTION: University of California, San Diego
DEPARTMENT: Reference and Research Services Department
TITLE: Bibliographer/Reference Librarian
PHONE: 619-534-1266
ADDRESS: Central Library Reference Department
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California
*Ubieto Artur, Antonio-Paulo

NAME: Antonio-Paulo Ubieto Artur
INSTITUTION: School of "Filosofia y Letras" / Zaragoza
DEPARTMENT: Modern and Contemporary History.
TITLE: Dr. in History. "Helping teacher".
EMAIL: hiscont@cc.unizar.es
PHONE: ++ (34) (76) 55 16 47 ext. 2092 (University), 31 57 31
ADDRESS: Plaza de San Francisco, s/n. 50071 ZARAGOZA.
COUNTRY: Spain (Europe).


Born in 1957, one of the most useful thing I learnt before going
to University were languages: German, English, Portuguese, later
a little French too. I studied History at the University between
1975 and 1980. This last year I attended my first computer short
course (HP-9830, later the Commodore CBM3032, remember them?).

At this course I realized computers could be very useful for
historians. It made for me possible to write my first [and at
this time only] book: "Theoretical tables of daily equivalence
between the Islamic and Christian calendars (1-1500 H./622-2077
AD.)" (Zaragoza, 1984). These tables were calculated by a program
I wrote in BASIC first on the HP-9830, finally on an Olivetti
M20; its output was sent directly to a typesetter via an RS-232
serial port.

Since 1983 this connection computer-typesetting has allowed us
the recovery of historical fonts and texts typed by their
authors/editors on different computers (PC, MAC, others) and its
automatic typesetting and publishing, thus dramatically improving
accurancy and cutting down costs.

1987 I read my Thesis ["Cartografia historica aragonesa: la
Diputacion del Reino y Juan Bautista Lavana (1591-1626)" =
"Aragonese Historic Cartography: the Kingdom's Deputation and
Juan Bautista Lavana (1591-1626)"] and got my doctor degree. Of
course I used computer word-processing extensively.

The same year 1987 I began teaching Modern History here at the
Zaragoza University as "helping teacher". I started also here at
our University short courses (1 month, +-16 hours) of
"Introduction to the IBM-PC and compatibles for Humanists". I am
proud to state that this courses have been attended by students
and also by teachers and professors, historians, philologists and

Now I am -erroneously- thought to be one of the "computer gurus"
of my School, although my "fame" is obviously undeserved.
Normally I have to solve questions and problems of computer
configurations, hardware and software purchases, word-processing,
data transfer and conversion, troubleshooting, communications,
data recovery, and recently virus related problems.

Our School starts this academic year a three-year-career of
Library Science. It includes a full-academic-year course of
"Introduction to computers" (the 2nd. year) and another one of
"Introduction to Databases" (3rd. year), both related to Library
Automation. I hope than in a not too far future, history students
here at our University will also get -at least- one full-year
course of "Introduction to computers".

Times for "pure" humanists are getting hard here, specially if
you are not a "permanent teacher" (I am not). Thus I am preparing
myself to teach this courses. My "Introduction to the IBM-PC ..."
courses were also thought as one step in this direction.
Obviously, all suggestions, help, bibliograpy, experiences on the
same ...etc. are highly welcome and appreciated.
*URVAX (University of Richmond)

NAME: URVAX. I have other names, depending on who is talking to
me. From
the local Decnet, I am an unimaginative VAX785. From Bitnet, I
On the local network and when mailing from the internet, I am
INSTITUTION: University of Richmond
DEPARTMENT: Academic Computing
TITLE: DEC VAX-11/785 Mini-Mainframe Computer ( I run VMS )
EMAIL: my manager is Roxanne Chance <chance@urvax.urich.edu>.
This appli-
cation is being filed for me by John Lundin Jr
PHONE: (804) 289-8652 (secretary's office)
ADDRESS: Academic Computing
POSTAL CODE: University of Richmond, Richmond, VA 23173


I left Digital Equipment Corporation to join Academic Computing
at University of Richmond during the 1983-1984 school year, the
second VAX to do so. I was soon put in charge of the
introductory level programming and began dealing with the
business and statistics portion of the Academic Computing
workload. Initially, I was a mere VAX780, but a year later my
workload was increased to the point that I finally had my title
upgraded to VAX785. My memory is much better than it used to be,
and I have much more room for records.

As the introductory coursework was increasingly taken over by
microcomputers, I began to have more exposure to nonprogrammers.

In late 1987, the University joined Bitnet and I was designated
as host. In late 1988, we went one step further and set up as a
mail domain. While all of my connections are to Bitnet, a couple
of weird friends at Berkeley and Harvard have agreed to tell
associates on the Internet where to send our mail.

I also handle some publishing now, using TeX and several laser
printers. In the last few weeks, I have been testing out a
newsboard system. We are finally releasing it to general use,
and I have been subscribing to various newslists of interest.
HUMANIST was one of the earliest requests.

While it is true that not being human may handicap my own
understanding of the finer points of a HUMANIST discussion list,
this is really a minor matter. I do not plan to submit articles
myself, but will leave that to my human associates. I am
subscribing chiefly to help provide a wider dissemination of
HUMANIST material and for my hobby of human-watching.

Also, thanks to large numbers of SAS and SPSSX jobs, I have
finally caught the essential trick of writing at great length
while imparting a minimum of useful information. I look forward
to learning the more subtle points and techniques from your

Please mail your list to address NEWSMGR@URVAX, with a personal
name of "bit.humanist GATEWAY". This will ensure that the
newsboard posts it properly. I am not certain how you wish to
handle the current subscribers. Naturally, they will wish to
continue posting mail to HUMANIST@UTORONTO, but they will be
reading the list on the newsboard rather than receiving it as
*Walsh, Jeffrey A.

Name: Jeffrey A. Walsh
Institution: Fordham University, Office of Campus Ministry
Marriage Minister (as well as undergrad(!))
normail Jeffrey A. Walsh
Fordham University
P.O. Station 37 - Box 768
Bronx, NY 10458 USA

About Myself:
Currently pursuing a B.A. in Public Administration at Fordham
University, I also dabble in Campus Ministry as Marriage
Minister, Sacristan, et al. In addition, I am the assistant
recruiter (S-5) for the Alpha Company of the Fordham Ram
Battalion of Army R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officer Training Corps) on
campus. Current tendancies are toward Law School, but maybe
business school.

Interests/Leisure Pursuits: The usual regimen of physical
training for R.O.T.C., in addition to nature walks. Patron of
the arts (as much as a student's budget permits): NYC Phil, off-
broadway, and flings with art (almost all types). In addition,
j'adore computers!
*Wasserman, Robert D.

Fordham University at Lincoln Center; Humanities Division,
English Department;

Fields of interest: linguistics, text analysis, teaching of
writing, technical writing, documentation
*Weber, Robert Philip

NAME: Robert Philip Weber
INSTITUTION: Harvard University
DEPARTMENT: Office For Information Technology
TITLE: Senior Consultant
EMAIL: weber@harvarda.bitnet
PHONE: (617) 495-3744 voice (617) 495-0750 fax
ADDRESS: 50 Church Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge MA


I am a sociologist who has been active in the analysis of text in
order to make inferences concerning changes in the attention
devoted by socieites and other collectivites to various meaning
units, such as ideas, themes, metaphors, etc. The author of more
than a dozen scholarly articles, I am also the author of *Basic
Content Analysis, 2nd ed (to be published by sage in 1990) and
coauthor (with J.Z. Namenwirth) of *Dynamics of Culture*, Allen &
Unwin, 1987, and coauthor of *Computer-assisted Text Analysis for
the Social Sciences,* (with C. Zuell and P.P. Mohler), Zuma:
Mannheim, 1989. At present I am working on a book on *Collective

I am a member of the American Sociological Association's
committee on electronic publishing and networking and Editor of
*Culture,* the quarterly newsletter of the Sociology of Culture
Section of the American Sociological Association.
*Willett, Tom Wayne <twillett@iubacs>

8012 East St Rd 45, Box 1, Unionville, IN 47468; (812) 332 1256

I have a PhD from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1985).
My area was Biblical Studies and my dissertation was on 2 Baruch
and 4 Ezra. While writing my dissertation (published by
Sheffield Academic Press, 1989), I purchased a computer to help
with the writing. This purchase revived my interest in
computers. Since graduation, I have been writing. My writing
has been on the biblical books of Malachi and Jeremiah and as
well as several dozen entries for the forthcoming Anchor Bible
Dictionary. Since graduation I have also been attempting to find
a teaching job, but have been unsuccessful. Being unable to make
a living writing and unable to find a teaching position, I
decided to come back to school (Indiana University) and learn
computer science, hoping to eventually combine my interests in
the humanities and computers.

A quick sketch of the rest of my life. I am married and have two
sons--ages 2 months and 6 years. My wife has a masters in music
performance, but I have been unable to interest her in computers
yet. I have a BA in Philosophy/Religion from Oklahoma Baptist
University and a MDiv from SBTS. For the past eight years I have
been a pastor. Currently I am studying computer science at
Indiana University.

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