4.0516 Announcement: Seminar on Christian Origens (1/53)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 20 Sep 90 19:28:08 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 4, No. 0516. Thursday, 20 Sep 1990.

Date: Thursday, 20 September 1990 1801-EST
Subject: PSCO 28.1

[[Attached is the notice for the initial meeting of the
Philadelphia Seminar on Christian Origins for 1990-1991.
The topic lends itself to wide-ranging discussion, and
will profit from the expertise of various persons in
fields other than "biblical studies" and "Christian
origins" as such. An electronic form of R. Kraft's
paper is being prepared for circulation to any
interested parties; the paper will not be read at the
PSCO session, but aspects of it will be discussed.]]

in its 28th year

an Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar
under the auspices of the
Department of Religious Studies
Box 36 College Hall, Philadelphia 19104
215 898-7453/5827

Topic for 1990-91: Christian Appropriation and Adaptations of
Early Jewish Pseudepigrapha

Chairpersons: Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania)
Benjamin G. Wright III (Lehigh University)

Secretary: David Rech (University of Pennsylvania)

Coordinator: Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania)

20 September 1990

The first meeting of 1990-91 will be held at 7pm on Thursday,
September 27, in the Gates Room of the Van Pelt Library (34th &
Walnut Sts.) on the Penn campus. Speaking at this session will be
Robert Kraft (University of Pennsylvania) on "The Pseudepigrapha
in Christianity: Current Interest in the Topic and the Central
Issues" Persons wishing to dine with other seminar participants
prior to the meeting should assemble at Duhring Wing at 6 pm.

The schedule for the remainder of 1990-91 has yet to be confirmed.
Notices of subsequent meeting dates, speakers and topics will
follow. The tentative dates, however, are:
November 29, 1990
January 31, 1991
March 14, 1991
April 25, 1991

If you wish to have advanced copies of the Seminar paper, they
will be made available. For information contact Robert Kraft