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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 6, No. 0104. Thursday, 25 Jun 1992.

(1) Date: 24 June 92, 12:25:24 SET (29 lines)
From: Marc Eisinger +33 (1) 49 05 72 27 <EISINGER@FRIBM11>

(2) Date: 24 Jun 92 15:13:27 BST (16 lines)
From: D Mealand <ewnt05@castle.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Crossing Atlantic pre Columbus

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Date: 24 June 92, 12:25:24 SET
From: Marc Eisinger +33 (1) 49 05 72 27 <EISINGER@FRIBM11>

First I'd like to thank all contributors and I will try to
precise my point of view.
I will not answer to Eric Rabkin, his english is to elaborate
for my knowledge of this langage. Nevertheless I think I
got one of his point on impact / existence. A distinction must
be made on material/non material existence : we all know that
dreams have impacts on people, that the unicorn had an impact on
medieval litterature, not to talk about imagination in painting,
astrology and religion. Now, this is (from my point of view) in
the domain of belief. If someone wants to argue that he believes
that there were a lot of precolumbian contacts between the "two"
worlds, I'm OK but I'm talking about scientific evidences, not
To the "anonymous who cares", I should apologize. My main domain of
interest in mesoamerica so I've little knowledge of northen territories
of America. Nevertheless he has a very good point : if "old world"
people came to the Americas (I mean if we have evidence of that)
then we would learn something (and we do care) on the travelers but,
and that's what I should have explicitely stated, it would not
teach us anything on native americans as (to my knowledge) there was/is
no impact. In short : if we can prove that Egyptians came to America
it proves that they were able to do so but it doesn't change anything
on our vision of precolumbian america UNLESS we prove these Egyptians
had an influence on the natives.
Thanks for your interest.
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Date: 24 Jun 92 15:13:27 BST
From: D Mealand <ewnt05@castle.ed.ac.uk>
Subject: Crossing Atlantic pre Columbus

In my school days in Bristol I was always taught that the
Bristolian John Cabot crossed the Atlantic before Columbus
even if it wasn't the mainland that he found when he got
to the other side of the pond.

David M.
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