7.0074 Summer School: Contemporary Topics in Comp Ling (1/116)

Tue, 6 Jul 1993 19:28:40 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0074. Tuesday, 6 Jul 1993.

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 93 12:36:49 MYT
From: ruslan@cs.usm.MY (Ruslan Mitkov)


With emphasis on Machine Translation

Under the Sponsorship of the European Association
for Machine Translation

Vassil Kolarov Lake, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
5 September - 10 September '93

The annual international summer school
"Contemporary topics in computational linguistics"
will take place from the 5th to the 10th
September 1993 at the KZU Guest house,
Vassil Kolarov Lake, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria.
(Day of arrival 4 September,
day of departure 11 September 1993).
It is intended mainly for university students and
young researchers, but will offer both introductory
and advanced courses. Those who would like to extend
their stay in Bulgaria can join the Bulgarian National
seminar on mathematical and computational linguistics
which will take place from the 8th of September
to the14th September 1993 at the same place.
The summer school is organized by the Institute
of Mathematics, Sofia (Mitkov),
LIMSI, Orsay, France (Zock) and Incoma-TD Co, Ltd,
Shumen, Bulgaria (Nikolov).

The preliminary program of the summer school will
include the following courses
(one or two more courses will probably be added):

Jun-ichi Tsuji (CCL, UMIST, Manchester) -
Sublanguage-based Machine Translation

Richard Kittredge (University of Montreal) -
Meaning-Text Model and application in generation
of natural language

Dominique Estival (ISSCO, University of Geneva) -
Transfer or interlingua?

Johann Haller (IAI, University of Saarbruecken) -
Unification-based Machine Translation

Zaharin Yusoff (University of Science Malaysia, Penang) -
The role of grammar formalisms in Machine Translation

Michael Zock (LIMSI, CNRS, France) -
Text generation

Pieter Seuren (University of Nijmegen, Holland) -
Introduction to Semantic Syntax

Carlos Martin-Vide (Universidad de Barcelona/Tarragona)
New Trends in Mathematical Linguistics

M. Kudlek (Hamburg University, Germany) -
Formal grammars and languages

Ruslan Mitkov (University of Science Malaysia, Penang
/Institute of Mathematics, Sofia) -
Anaphora Resolution

The special participation fee at the summer school
is 150 USA dollars for full-time students, 200 USA dollars
for academic employees and 300 USA dollars for other
participants. The fee includes attendance at the
summer school, course materials, refreshments,
reception party as well as meals and accommodation
in two-bed rooms at the Guest House
(which equals a 2-star hotel).
Participants will be requested to pay in cash on site
(any currency accepted).

Summer school venue and Accommodation:
The participants will be accommodated at the
KZU Guest House, Vassil Kolarov Lake, Rhodope
Mountains. The courses will be given at the
lecture hall of the Guest House.

The registration forms should arrive no later
than 31.07.1993 at the following address:
Mr.Nikolai Nikolov, Incoma, P.O. Box 20,
9700 Shumen, Bulgaria. They can be
also electronically mailed to ruslan@cssun.cs.usm.my.
On site registration is also possible,
but earlier registrations are encouraged
because of possible accommodation problems.

Further information:
Participants who have sent the registration
form, will be receiving supplementary
materials and information. For further information
you can also contact Dr. R. Mitkov
Email ruslan@cssun.cs.usm.my
(after 5.8.93 ruslan@bgearn.bitnet)
or N.Nikolov
Tel. (359-54) 56948,
Fax (359-54) 56881.

Registration Form

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