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Wed, 18 Aug 1993 20:26:20 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0117. Wednesday, 18 Aug 1993.

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 93 16:29:32 EDT
From: Michael Strangelove <441495@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA>
Subject: Kids Online - Special Report

Online Access
Special Report - Kids Online - September 1993

(Available at your local newstand or by contacting the
editor, Tracy Weisman at 70324.343@CompuServe.Com)

Table of Contents

Delphi Gets Competitive With Internet Access & More
By Len Strazewski [page 6]
Delphi heats up the competition by offering direct
Internet access and modem-modem games.

How to use FTP
By Michael Strangelove [page 12]
Here's how to use FTP-whether or not you have direct
Internet access.

Online Travels with a 10-Year Old
By David A. Fryxell [page 14]
[with research assistance by Courtney Fryxell]
Our intrepid researcher and his ten-year-old assistant
explore the offerings for kids on some major online

At Play in the Fields of the Internet
By Michael Strangelove [page 18]
Children in grades K-12 are using the Internet to build
international bridges.

Young Sysop Brings Fantasy to Life
By J. W.Olsen [page 24]
Here's the story of a teen who started his own BBS before
he was old enough to drive.

Breaking Down Classroom Walls
By David A. Fryxell [page 26]
Unique online projects are breaking down classroom walls.

Online Support for People with Disabilities
By Lois S. Levine-Elman [page 34]
The disabled and their families can find a wealth of
information and support online.

Help For Your Health Online
By Kathleen Low [page 38]
Learning about what ails you-and how to cure it-can be as
easy as logging on to these databases.

Databases: Sprouting up Green
By Barbara Palladino [page 52]
Making the right decisions for your business often
involves environmental concerns. Here's where to find the
information you need online.

Editor's Choice: The Database Directory
By Dana Humphrey [page 61]
Descriptions of nearly 100 online commercial databases.

Logging Off
By Dr. Steve Eskow [page 88]
A few words about online education.

Editor's Letter [page 5]
Letter's to the Editor [page 33]
Online Briefs [page 58]
Info Marketplace [page 78]
Index [page 86]

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