7.0343 CFP: Cognitive Modesl of Language Acquisition (1/70)

Thu, 16 Dec 1993 17:53:07 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0343. Thursday, 16 Dec 1993.

Date: 15 Dec 1993 11:42:31 -0500 (EST)
From: ide@cs.vassar.edu (Nancy M. Ide)
Subject: Workshop Cognitive Models of Language Acquisition

>From roscheis@CSLI.Stanford.EDU Tue Dec 14 21:14:58 1993

Workshop on 'Cognitive Models of Language Acquisition'
April 21-23, 1994
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Organizers: Peter Broeder (Tilburg)
Jaap Murre (Cambridge)

Scientific committee: Melissa Bowerman (Nijmegen)
Peter Coopmans (Utrecht)
Guus Extra (Tilburg)
Peter Jordens (Amsterdam)

Sponsored by: L.O.T. (Landelijke Onderzoeksschool Taalkunde),
The Dutch national Ph.D. program in Linguistics

The workshop is centered around two basic questions with respect to
the nature and origins of language as "an individual phenomenon":

(1) What constitutes knowledge of language?

(2) How is knowledge of language acquired?

Currently, these questions are being addressed within different
cognitive models of language acquisition which derive from strongly
contrasting research paradigms. The paradigms start from fundamentally
different assumptions about language (symbolic or subsymbolic) and
the mechanisms that drive the process of language acquisition
(inductive or deductive).

The workshop will focus on processes of language acquisition in children
and adults and on modelling theses processes. In particular, the
acquisition and representation of words will be a central topic. The
workshop aims to bring together researchers willing to discuss the merits
and constraints of the various models based on the interdisciplinary
approaches of linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, NLP, and AI.

Melissa Bowerman (Nijmegen), Harald Clahsen (Colchester), Vivian Cook
(Colchester), Peter Coopmans (Utrecht), Walter Daelemans (Tilburg),
Guus Extra (Tilburg), Michael Gasser (Indiana), Steven Gillis (Antwerp),
Peter Jordens (Amsterdam), Gerard Kempen (Leiden), Brian MacWhinney
(Pittsburg), Paul Meara (Swansea), Dennis Norris (Cambridge), Kim Plunkett
(Oxford), Henk van Riemsdijk (Tilburg), Mike Sharwood-Smith (Utrecht),
Paul Smolensky (Colorado), Sven Stromqvist (Goteborg).

We invite those interested to submit a two-page abstract (for a 30
minute oral presentation) by January 15, 1994. We would prefer to
receive the abstracts by e-mail.

The organizers can be contacted at the following addresses:

Peter Broeder Jaap Murre
Department of Linguistics Medical Research Council
University of Tilburg Applied Psychology Unit
P.O. Box 90153 15 Chaucer Road
5000 LE Tilburg Cambridge CB2 2EF
The Netherlands United Kingdom

tel: +31 13-662239 tel: +44 223 355294
fax: +31 13-663110 fax: +44 223 359062
e-mail: peter.broeder@kub.nl e-mail: jaap.murre@mrc-apu.cam.ac.apu