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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 12:37 O
From: "Stefan Werner, kielitiede, p. 4334" <WERNER@FINUJO>
Subject: Language Diversity Summer School announcement

The First Scandinavian Summer School
On Language Diversity:
A Postgraduate Course in Contact,
Typological and Areal Linguistics

University of Joensuu, Finland

June 13-20, 1994

University of Joensuu, June 13-20, 1994

1. General Description

The Language Departments of the University of Joensuu are pleased to announce
that The First Scandinavian Summer School on Language Diversity will be held
in Joensuu on June 13-20, 1994. The program of the School will consist of
intensive eight-hour lectures given by four major authorities in contact,
typological and areal linguistics (see below). Moreover, the lectures will be
accompanied by workshops tailored to the needs of the participants. These
workshops will be chaired by the invited lecturers. The coursework will begin
on Monday morning (June 13) and run until Friday afternoon (June 17). The
official language of the School will be English.

The Summer School is geared towards post-graduate students working on the
topics of the School as well as junior and senior researchers interested in
the latest developments in contact linguistics, typology and areal
linguistics. Owing to the nature of the School, the organizers are compelled
to limit the number of participants to 30. Preference will be given to
participants who best indicate how the School will facilitate their work or
studies. A brief (one A4 page) description of the studies/work will be
required in order to check for this criterion (see Registration Form, below),
as well as to inform the lecturers about the background and aims of the

2. Lecturers and Their Topics

Professor Osten DAHL (Institute of Linguistics, University of Stockholm):

Grammaticalization, Typology and Areal Linguistics

Professor Johanna NICHOLS (Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures,
University of California at Berkeley):

Structural Implications of Linguistic Diversity

Professor Sarah G. THOMASON (Department of Linguistics, University of

Contact-induced Language Change

Professor Kalevi WIIK (Department of Finnish and General Linguistics,
University of Turku):

Language Contacts and Language Change in the Finno-Ugrian Area

It is expected that the lecturers will provide us with lists of required pre-
Summer School readings. In case of journal articles and other brief texts, the
organizers will do their best to copy each text and send them to all
registered participants in early April (see section 5, below).

3. Participant Fee, Travel and Accommodation

The participant fee will be a modest 400 Finnmarks, FIM (an equivalent of c.
580 Swedish Crowns), which is to be pre-paid to the Summer School account by
March 15, 1994. The School account is: "Language Diversity", Foreningsbanken,
account number 201618-123610. This fee may be waived for students from the
Baltic countries and Russia. The participants who wish to apply for this
waiver should contact the organizers by March 1 (see Registration Form below).

All participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation
arrangements and expenses. As the Finnish Mark is relatively low in value at
present, these expenses are expected to be rather moderate. At the beginning
of 1994 a return train ticket from Helsinki costs 362 FIM and a return flight
ticket from Helsinki costs 580 FIM, which requires a minimum of seven-day
prepurchase with a Saturday-Sunday stopover in Joensuu, otherwise a regular
flight ticket would cost 1140 FIM.

The organizers will negotiate for accommodation packages with local hotels,
summer hotels and hostels and will send the registrants more specific
information on these with the Second Information Package (see below).

4. Post Summer School Field Trip to Russia (Saturday June 18-Monday June 20)

The Summer School will end in an optional three-day field trip to Karelian
villages in near-by Russian Karelia. The trip will be guided by Joensuu
linguists and the means of transport will be comfortable Finnish buses. This
tour will only be arranged on the proviso that a sufficient number of
participants will register for it (for details, see the Second Information

5. Second Information Package

Those who have sent in their registration forms (see below, either by hard
copy, fax or e-mail) by March 1 1994 and have paid the fee by March 15 will
receive from us the Second Information Package in early April. That package
will contain:

(a) information on and/or required pre-School readings,
(b) an hour-by-hour timetable of the School,
(c) more specific information on travel (within, as well as to and
from, Finland) and accommodation (e.g. hotel listings with
phone/fax numbers), and
(d) final plans for the Russian tour (including a detailed timetable
and tour charge information).

6. Further Information

If you would like to know more about the School before you register, do not
hesitate to contact the organizers at:

Language Diversity (Attn: Jussi Niemi)
General Linguistics
University of Joensuu, FIN 80101 Joensuu, Finland
phone: +358-73-151 4306
fax: +358-73-151 4211
em: niemi@joyl.joensuu.fi

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Registration to The First Scandinavian Summer School on Language Diversity,
Joensuu, June 13-20, 1994

Send by March 1 to: Language Diversity (Attn: Jussi Niemi)
General Linguistics
University of Joensuu, FIN 80101 Joensuu, Finland

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________ Fax: __________________________________

E-mail: _____________________@__________________________

Affiliation/Student at:

Please attach a one-page description of the type of studies and/or work, where
you indicate the usefulness of the School for your needs.


___ I have paid the participant fee to the School account.

___ I will pay the fee to the School account by March 15.

___ I have enclosed a one-page description of my studies/work.

___ I would like to participate in the field-trip to Russia.

___ I am applying for a fee waiver.