7.0406 IPPE Procedures (1/137)

Wed, 12 Jan 1994 18:34:43 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0406. Wednesday, 12 Jan 1994.

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 94 20:10:03 +0900
From: phil-preprints-admin@phil-preprints.L.chiba-u.ac.jp
Subject: Placing a paper on the IPPE

Time to place a paper on the IPPE
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- With the beginning of the new year
and the new semester, the rate of submissions to the International
Philosophical Preprint Exchange has climbed dramatically, suggesting
that over the last few months many people have postponed submitting a
paper until quieter times.

This note, then, is a reminder to all these (conjectural) postponers.
If you have a paper you'd like to place on the IPPE, please contact
Carolyn Burke, cburke@nexus.yorku.ca, who will be pleased to assist you.

For the impatient, I attach some notes on how to submit a paper without

Richard Reiner, Coordinator
International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

Call for Comments
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The purpose of a preprint exchange is to provide
the authors of working papers with access to a large number of their
peers world-wide so that their pre-published work can nonetheless
receive the benefits of criticism and commentary. Many of our
submitters have indeed received interesting and useful comments,
although so far these have all been addressed through private email.

At this time, I would like to encourage you to get involved, either by
sending a private comment on some a paper to its author(s) (their email
addresses may be found in the first line of each abstract), or by
submitting a comment or discussion of publishable quality for inclusion
within the IPPE paper directory beside the corresponding preprint. If
you would like to submit a comment, see the attached notes on how to
submit a comment below.

Please note that it is in order to receive feedback on their work that
many of our submitters have placed preprints with the IPPE.

Carolyn L Burke,
International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

Submitting a paper to the IPPE:
You can submit papers by ftp or by mail.

1. by ftp:
ftp to Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp, cd to pub/submissions, and put
your paper there (full instructions on how to use ftp are available
on the system in the file pub/info/preprints-manual).

2. by email:
mail your paper to phil-preprints-admin@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp.

To make life easier for the coordinators of the service, please
abide by the following guidelines when uploading papers.

If you're uploading a comment, please see the section "Uploading
comments" later in this file.

Uploading papers
If you're uploading a paper, please include at least the following:

- a short file named e.g. frege.abs, containing an abstract of the
paper in plain ASCII format. Please start your abstract as follows,
with a few lines stating who you are, the title of the paper, and
where you'd like us to store it.

Jane Jones : University of Wisconsin : jones@foo.wisc.edu
The Problem of Universals in Frege's Grundlagen

< text of the abstract starts here >

- if at all possible, a file named e.g. frege.txt containing the
text of the paper in plain ASCII format.

- the text of the paper in Postscript (in a file named e.g.
frege.ps), SGML/TEI (frege.sgm), and/or in the form in which it was
prepared (frege.wp, frege.tex, etc.).

You may upload these files separately, or all together in a zip, zoo,
tar.Z, or tar.gz file.

Uploading comments
Comments should be in plain ASCII if at all possible, and named e.g.

Please start your comment as follows, with a few lines stating who you
are, what paper you're commenting on, and where the paper is stored, as

Harry Halden : Australian National U. : halden@bar.anu.au
Comment on Jane Jones, The Problem of Universals in Frege's Grundlagen

< text of the comment starts here >


If you absolutely can't use ftp, you can also submit papers by email
to the address displayed when you logged on. Please remember that
you CANNOT email documents in formats like WordPerfect or Microsoft
Word without uuencoding them first (please ask your local computing
guru for help if you do not know what uuencoding is).

As a last resort, you can mail us your paper on a diskette. Please
format the paper as described above, and mail it to

Dept. of Philosophy
Ross S424
York University
4700 Keele St
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 1P3 Canada

Quick Access to the IPPE

By ftp: "ftp Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp" or,
"ftp mrcnext.cso.uiuc.edu"
By gopher: "gopher apa.oxy.edu" or,
"gopher kasey.umkc.edu"
By email: "mail phil-preprints-Service@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp"

Questions: "mail phil-preprints-Admin@Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-U.ac.jp"
To upload a paper or comment: see pub/submissions/README

(Copyright remains with the author(s), unless otherwise indicated.)