7.0427 Assn for History and Computing (1/41)

Wed, 19 Jan 1994 12:49:08 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0427. Wednesday, 19 Jan 1994.

Date: Tue, 18 Jan 1994 10:10:32 GMT
From: Donald Spaeth <DSPAETH@dish.gla.ac.uk>
Subject: AHC'94 -- Hull Conference

Association for History and Computing UK Branch Conference

The Seventh Annual Conference of the Association for History and Computing
(UK Branch) will be held at the University of Hull between 12 and 14 April
1994. As well as existing members of the Association, we are anxious to
see those of our "mainstream" colleagues who have so far resisted the
blandishments of Information Technology, but think they might now want to get
involved -- particularly with the impending arrival of courseware products
coming out the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (TLTP).

The "major" theme of the conference will be to explore what computerate
historians have to learn from disciplines cognate with History, or those
from which we have traditionally filched elements of our methodology. We
hope to have sessions which focus on Anthropology, Art History, Economics,
Geography, Sociology and Textual Studies, with reference to time-frames
ranging from the medieval to the near-contemporary.

The "minor" theme is to be the role of computing in the modern History
Curriculum, broadly defined: from what's going on in secondary schools and
colleges post-National Curriculum; through the undergraduate programme,
with special reference to TLTP products; to the IT component of
postgraduate training courses being developed under the 1+3 arrangements
favoured by ESRC and the British Academy.

We shall, of course, be issuing invitations to a number of keynote
speakers, but would be very grateful to receive offers of papers on any of
the subjects identified above.

Further particulars and booking forms can be obtained from Steve
Baskerville, Dean of the School of Arts, University of Hull, Cottingham Road,
Hull, HU6 7RX. Phone: 0482-465684 (Secretary: Louise Danby). E-mail:

Ten years ago, before the celebrated Westfield Conferences that gave life
to the AHC, there was a select gathering of people interested in
historical computing met at Hull to discuss their common interests. We
would like to see as many of you as possible come here again in 1994 to
discuss the agendas of the next decade!

Steve Baskerville
University of Hull