7.0550 Philosophy Resources: Internet (1/87)

Sat, 5 Mar 1994 18:28:49 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 7, No. 0550. Saturday, 5 Mar 1994.

Date: 3 Mar 94 16:14:27 GMT
From: David Potts <MFEPGDP@fs1.art.man.ac.uk>
Subject: Philosophy Resources (2/3)

Internet Resources for Philosophy.

1 Gopher

The beauty of the Gopher system is that it allows one to
browse throughout information sources all over the globe. Such
is gopher's scope that a directory of what to look for is as
impossible as it is pointless - the net changes so rapidly
that it would become almost instantly obsolete. All that the
new gopher user needs is a pointer to show them where to start
looking. The first link in the chain leads on to the next. I
will assume that you can obtain a Gopher home page in your
locality with access to a Veronica search.

Having got onto gopher I recomand three Gophers of special
interest to philosophers:

1) The American Philosophical Association Gopher.
2) The "Coombsquest" Humanities Gopher in Australia.
3) Subject Tree.

>From the subject tree menu choose "philosophy".

These Gophers all provide lists of where to search next along
with lots of other information. The A.P.A. has a "Requests for
information." board that is usually very effective at getting
help from other Net users.

1.1 Zen and the Art of Internet.

"Zen" is a good source of detailed information about many
sources available on the net. You can access it by choosing
the Veronica search option on the Gopher and then searching
for directories that match "zen and internet".

1.2 International Philosophical Preprint Exchange.

This is an internet repository for working papers in all areas
of philosophy. It allows a medium by which philosophers can
comment on each other's work. Access the IPPE via the American
Philosophical Association's Gopher (see above).

2 Getting Software - Archie and FTP.

If there is publicly available software that you want to get
hold of but don't know where to find it then there is a
database that you can search called "Archie".

To search Archie :
1) TELNET to src.doc.ic.ac.uk
2) Login as "archie"
3) At the prompt type "set pager" to stop things
scrolling off the screen.
4) Type "Find <search-text>".

This will give you a list of the sites where the program can
be FTP'ed from. Choose a site in the U.K. if possible as it
will transfer data much faster. As with most other resources
if you have trouble using Archie type "Help" to get


Humbul is the Humanities Bulletin Board maintained by Oxford
University. To access it you must:
1) TELNET sun.nsf.ac.uk
2) Login as "JANET"
3) Give the password "UK.AC.HUMBUL"

You will then have to register your name and E-Mail address to
use Humbul.

Any more?

I would like to hear of any other on-line resources that are
of use to philosophers. I realise that this list is quite
short so if you know of something that should go on here then
please let me know.

David Potts.

E-Mail : mfepgdp@fs1.art.man.ac.uk

3rd March 1994.