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[1] From: ctaylor@nova.wright.edu (26)
Subject: DesCartes' Myriogon

A recent thread in Humanist has been to ask the question, "What are we
doing?" Much of the discussion has dealt with asking whether humanities
computing is following the right path. Taking a suggestion from
Heidegger we might also ask the question as to what kind of path are we
building. As a contribution to building a path for humanities computing
my colleague, David Manley and I would like to announce a new Web site.
In its current form, the site contains an English-Latin HTML edition of
DesCartes' "Meditations on First Philosophy".

The URL is: http://philos.wright.edu/Descartes/Meditations.html

The texts contain only navigational links. We encourage anyone
interested to download these texts and to create annotated editions and
then to share their new editions by loading them on their Web servers.
To facilitate this collaboration we have added a page "DesCartes'
Myriogon" where we will provide links to editions based upon our primary

We will be adding in the near future the authorized French text.

We have an a college administrator who asked yesterday, "Why would [anyone]
want to crteate such an edition?" We welcome everyone's comments about
this experiment in collaborative scholarship.

Charles S. Taylor
Professor of Philosophy
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435