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Tue, 6 Feb 1996 18:28:54 -0500 (EST)

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[1] From: sosnoski@uic.edu (42)
Subject: H-Net seeks literature lists

[2] From: amolitierno@nova.wright.edu (56)
Subject: TEXT Technology: Call for Papers

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 11:03:37 -0500
From: sosnoski@uic.edu
Subject: H-Net seeks literature lists


As you may already know,

H-Net is the newest, and now one of the largest organizations in
the humanities. It is a network of daily newsletters and
discussions groups edited by and for scholars. Its 49 operating
lists reach 33,000 subscribers in 62 countries, with another 2000
subscribers added every month. The lists are free and publish
news, discussions and original scholarly reviews and short
studies. The H-Net lists have been endorsed by dozens of
scholarly organizations, and comprise the single most-used
communications medium in higher education today. The lists are
used by teachers--they teach several hundred thousand
undergraduates each semester, and use H-Net list to keep in touch
with fresh ideas and new techniques.

Richard Jensen, the director of the H-Network, teaches in the History
department at UIC. Under his direction, H-Net has flourished--especially in
historical studies. Recently, H-Net received two grants from NEH that
enable them to extend their services to other Humanities studies.

I write to invite you to start a H-Net list in literary studies. If you are
the owner of discussion list devoted to a literary period, figure, or
theory, you may wish to link that list with the H-Network to take advantage
of belonging to a world-wide network of discussion lists.

If you are interested in starting a discussion list on a literary topic or
in linking an existing list to the H-Network, please send a message to
Richard Jensen or me.



If you wish more detailed information about H-Net lists, please reply to
this message and I will forward it to you.


James J. Sosnoski
Department of English
University of Illinois at Chicago

1516 North State Parkway, 6D
Chicago, IL 60610

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 18:02:41 -0500
From: amolitierno@nova.wright.edu
Subject: TEXT Technology: Call for Papers

Dear Colleague:

TEXT Technology:
The Journal of Computer Text Processing
Is Now Calling for Papers

Starting in 1996, Wright State University will begin publishing TEXT
Technology: The Journal of Computer Text Processing. Previously published
at Dakota State University under the editorship of Eric Johnson, this
quarterly has published articles dealing with a variety of subjects
concerning the production of texts through electronic means. A listing of
the table of contents of the Summer 1995 issue will give some idea of the
range of the articles:

1) "Creating an Index Project Report: BITZER"
2) "Collaborative Word Processing: PREP Editor"
3) "Textbanking for English Language Teachers"
4) "Corel Ventura 5.0 Reviewed"
5) "Word for Windows 6.0 Reviewed"
6) "TEXTechography" (Annotated Bibliography)

As the new editor for the quarterly, I want to take this opportunity to
introduce you to the publication and to invite you and your colleagues to
forward articles for consideration. The quarterly will publish articles on
any theoretical or practical topic dealing with the electronic production
of texts. Some possible topics are listed below in alphabetical order:

1) Annotated bibliographies
2) Book reviews
3) College or professional writing, teaching or practical applications in
and out
of the classroom or laboratory environment
4) Textual aspects of desktop publishing
5) Electronic publishing and issues related to the Internet
6) Font selection, creation, manipulation
7) Hardware reviews (printers for example)
8) Hypertext
9) Internet
10) Legal issues concerning text production
11) Literary and linguistic analyses of texts
12) Overviews of other text-processing journals
13) Programming languages and texts
14) Software reviews
15) Textual analyses in or across disciplines

For the first year of publication, the quarterly will accept papers in
hardcopy accompanied by 3 1/2" floppy disks in either ASCII or versions of
WordPerfect, (the highest version acceptable is 6.0 for Windows). The
preferred style is MLA. Please mail submissions to the following address:

Arthur A. Molitierno, Editor
TEXT Technology
Wright State University
Lake Campus
7600 State Route 703
Celina, OH 45822-2952

E-mail: amolitierno@desire.wright.edu.
Phone: 419-586-0317; fax: 419-586-0368.

TEXT Technology welcomes articles at this time and would appreciate
hearing from you or your colleagues. Please feel free to share this call
for papers with your colleagues.

Arthur A. Molitierno
TEXT Technology, Editor