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[1] From: "Jeremy.Ellman" <jeremy@mari.co.uk> (41)
Subject: Job opening for a Language/Knowledge/Software Engineer

JOB Opening for a Language/Knowledge/Software ENGINEER

MARI Computer Systems are currently recruiting a software engineer to
work on the work on the EU funded, Language Engineering, Project
TREE. This aims to develop a multi-lingual Internet based employment
advertising service. Information extraction techniques will be used to
transfer source adverts to a common template format. Multi-lingual
generation will then allow reading or browsing of the adverts in a
variety of languages.

Further information about Tree may be found on the World Wide Web via URL:


In particular the appointed person will be expected to:

develop an extended template classification of employment adverts,
including personality and career descriptions of applicants, descriptions
of companies aspirations and locations etc.

Collaborate with consortium partners involved in Information
Extraction and Generation activities.

contribute to the web site user interface development.

contribute to miscellaneous documentation, system testing and
reporting activities.

Salary: Initially on the scale 14277-17000 U.K. pounds depending on
qualifications and experience.

The ideal candidate will have (or expect to have shortly) a higher
degree with a substantial Language Engineering content. He or she will
be capable of working in a team with different theoretical
orientations, as well as carrying out more traditional software
engineering tasks.

The position will be based at the new Wansbeck Business Centre at
Ashington in Northumberland and within easy commuting distance of
bustling city of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Consortium partners include UMIST Computational Linguistics
Laboratory, Manpower, and the University of Gothenberg

For further information please contact Jeremy Ellman, preferably
before 20/2/96.

MARI Computer Systems
Wansbeck Business Park
Northumberland NE63 8QZ

Phone: 091 402 1265
Fax: 091 402 1112
E-mail: Jeremy.Ellman@mari.co.uk,

(Apologies to multiple recipients)