9.679 Chr. humanism in France

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[1] From: "Gregory J. Murphy" <rejek@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> (12)
Subject: Christian Humanism

In regard to an earlier posting on "Christian Humanism:"

I don't know anything about the history of the term "Christian
Humanism" in England, but in France I believe Guillaume Bude (1468-1540)
may have been among the earliest to propogate the idea. Especially
influential - no doubt in England also - was his treatise _De transitu
hellenismi ad christianismum_.

For Bude, the term basically means applying philological skills
to biblical texts and to writings of the Church fathers. He had a big
influence on the direction of humanism on the continent in the latter
part of the sixteenth century.

Hope this helps.

- Gregory Murphy