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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 20:01:50 +0800
From: Chris Floyd <cfloyd@carmen.murdoch.edu.au>
Subject: endorsements of class warfare

Crazy idea Francois.

I am a deconstructionist. In a class war, I would be out of a job if I had one.

> evidence is the nemesis of argument

So, if I'm reading you right Francois, the blatant silence is a vindication
of the strength of my argument.

>The listing/syntagm is
>narratologically intriguing.

You picked the ellipsis. Yes, I cited Domenico's points and left them open
suggesting there was a continuum. There is more to the cutbacks now that
universities like UCLA are moving into on-line courses with the pedagogical
function being reduced to web site management. Also, that cutbacks and
globalism in general has to be taken back to the energy crisis in 1974 when
the major oil importers, USA, Europe, and Japan, were cut short.
Globalisation overcomes national economic action. It also overcomes local
resistance. Privatisation is the continuum of this because it floats
national economies, making them vulnerable to global trends that ideally
enhance the efficiency of production. To dumb down universities is the
icing on the cake. No intelligent resistance, apart from a few disgruntled

Obviously, "evidence is the nemesis of argument" is a double edged sword.

>just was no EASILY READ evidence to prove that the expansion of the post
>secondary system in the post war period was a social good.

Absolutely correct. If there is no one to understand the evidence, then
clearly the post secondary system has failed and is no good. On the other
hand, in a totalitarian system, clearly such evidence is not to anyone's
social good, especially if it is readable. Ignorance is the safety valve of
a society that does not want to know itself. Thus the silence. Evidence is
the nemesis of the new world order because bugger all have stood up against
its logic. There is no solidarity.

Now I will have to clean up my web page.


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