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Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 16:18:11 +0100
From: Nigel Williamson <N.Williamson@sheffield.ac.uk>
Subject: Bolton Priory White Rose Studentship

Department of History, University of Sheffield
Department of History, The Borthwick Institute, University of York

White Rose Studentship

An Edition of the 'Coucher Book' of Bolton Priory (Yorkshire)

An edition of the sixteenth-century 'Coucher Book' of Bolton Priory (an
Augustinian monastery near Skipton in Yorkshire) has long been sought for
publication by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series. The
manuscript is part of the muniments of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth
and is a partial copy of a lost 14th-century original. The task in
preparing the edition would be to recreate as closely as possible the lost
original Chartulary. Beyond the 'Coucher Book' there also exist a great
number of original charters of the monastery, mainly at Chatsworth. The
edition would have to incorporate this material too in the textual
construction. The full co-operation and backing of Chatsworth has been
guaranteed. Advances made in textual reconstruction at the Humanities
Research Institute, University of Sheffield, offer an obvious advantage to
a student engaged to undertake work at Sheffield. Support would be
available from both the Medieval sections concerned at Sheffield and York.
Given the preparatory work already undertaken, completion within three year=
for a Ph.D. is definitely envisaged.

The joint supervisors, Professor Ian Kershaw (Department of History,
University of Sheffield) and Professor David Smith (Department of
History/Borthwick Institute, University of York) have already collaborated
extensively in preparation for publication of the 'Bolton Priory Compotus',
which goes to press this autumn. The 'Compotus' is a unique
fourteenth-century account book of the monastery, and of direct relevance t=
the project outlined above. Professor Kershaw has already published
extensively on the history of Bolton Priory and has expert subject knowledg=
of the 'Coucher Book'. Professor David Smith is a Professor of Medieval
History and also Director of the Borthwick Institute at the University of
York, the leading institute in the country for the study of medieval

The White Rose Scholarship comprises a home/EU tuition fee waiver and an
annual student support grant at standard research council rates (=A35,455 i=

Applicants for the above project should complete the attached University of
Sheffield Graduate Admissions Form, asking referees to send in reports on
the enclosed forms without delay.

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