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Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 15:23:27 -1000
From: "Philip A. Bralich, Ph.D." <bralich@hawaii.edu>

The following is an announcement concerning new ITS (interactive tutoring
system) software for conversational English as a Second Language. As
such software is important for researchers who participate in these lists we
are making it available for free to all those who would contact us with a
request for the software and a 3 or 4 sentence description of the research
interests that would be benefited by using this software.

Phil Bralich

Here is the message.

Until now there have been no ESL software products to help students practice
their CONVERSATION skills. But now, based on a patented new theory of grammar,
it is possible for students to practice their ESL conversation skills with a
3-D tutor. His name is "Roswell" and the program is called "Roswell Teaches
English". He is a cute alien from outer space and he offers six chapters
of six lessons each in tasks and skills that are targeted to high basic
and low intermediate students. Just two examples are lessons on ordering
at a fast food restaurant and going through customs. It's a great
supplement for classroom work or a great tool to practice with
on your own.

Roswell can actively engage the student in question and answer exchanges based
on the material in the students workbook. He can both ask and answer questions
within the lessons. The workbook/manual provides plenty of guidance for the
students to get involved. The student types in questions and answers and
Roswell responds with a generated voice and synchronized lip movements. A
great practice environment for all students. Roswell's knowledge base and
grammar skills will be updated every six months.

The INTRODUCTORY PRICE is just $29.95 for these 36 lessons. That's just 83
cents per lesson, and it will help the shyest and the most outgoing
students alike participate in your classes and have more fun with English.
We can provide discounts for schools which would like to install this
program on multiple machines or in a lab situation.

It is possible for teachers to custom design lessons for Roswell teaches
English. Contact Ergo Linguistic Technologies at http://www.ergo-ling.com.
Or if you forget our name just type in "ESL Software" at Amazon.com.

In addition, the technology in Roswell Teaches English can be used for a
variety of educational programs in fields of study that are based on factual
information such as the sciences, history, and geography.

Try this new software and enter the latest era in interactive computing.

Phil Bralich

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