13.0567 being had and liking it

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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 09:36:58 CUT

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       [1] From: "P. T. Rourke" <ptrourke@mediaone.net> (35)
             Subject: Re: 13.0564 have we been had?

       [2] From: Patricia Galloway <galloway@mdah.state.ms.us> (13)
             Subject: Re: 13.0564 have we been had?

             Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 10:27:47 +0100
             From: "P. T. Rourke" <ptrourke@mediaone.net>
             Subject: Re: 13.0564 have we been had?

    Well, actually, the perpetrator went to so much work to make it believable
    (I counted a couple of hundred entries; it looks like the values for the
    ISBN field have been replaced with color information) that the hoax is in
    effect a functioning demonstration. I don't know library cataloguing
    systems well enough, but if one could add a color field to the physical
    description section (where size and page numbers are listed), one could do
    this. The question is whether it would be worth doing.

    All in all, a pretty constructive hoax if you ask me.

    Patrick Rourke
    Massachusetts (nothing to do with NE School of Law or the hoax under

    > Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 21:38:23 +0100
    > From: "Tarvers, Josephine K." <tarversj@exchange.winthrop.edu>
    > >
    > According to one of our librarians, we've been taken!
    > Jo
    > ------------
    > Jo Koster Tarvers, Ph.D.
    > Department of English
    > Winthrop University
    > Rock Hill, SC 29733-0001
    > (803) 323-4557; fax (803) 323-4837
    > >Jo,
    > >
    > >You've been a victim of a hoax. This was originally posted on April 1.
    > >perpetrator did spend a lot of time to make it very believable.
    > >
    > >Larry
    > >
    > >Laurance R. Mitlin
    > >Associate Dean of Library Services
    > >Winthrop University
    > >Rock Hill, South Carolina 29733-0001

             Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 10:28:20 +0100
             From: Patricia Galloway <galloway@mdah.state.ms.us>
             Subject: Re: 13.0564 have we been had?

    I have to say that the hoax may have been a very good idea--our
    librarians here, with a small and very focused collection, while
    entertained and not taking it seriously as something we could do,
    nevertheless could see the utility of such a search possibility,
    particularly when combined with a fragmentary title and particularly for
    our largely lay public constituency. It may be that only academics find
    such confusion before the deluge of material available funny enough to
    make a joke of it.
    Pat Galloway

    Patricia Galloway
    Mississippi Department of Archives and History
    P.O. Box 571, Jackson, MS 39205-0571
    voice 601-359-6863

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