14.0158 conference for postgrads in IT & the humanities?

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Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 18:40:50 CUT

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             Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 19:39:21 +0100
             From: "Melissa Terras"
             Subject: Interest in Conference for Postgraduate Students in IT
    and the Humanities?

    Interest in Conference for Postgraduate Students in IT and the Humanities?

    Hello All.

    As a postgraduate in Humanities IT, I have often felt how difficult it is
    both to find and get in contact with other students in the same subject
    area, due to the fact that such students are dispersed across various
    faculties and departments because of the nature of the subject. As a result,
    a few of the other pg students I have managed to find have agreed, along
    with myself, to try and establish a yearly conference for graduate students
    in the discipline. We are applying to a couple of funding bodies and the
    outlook so far is very optimistic.

    Now, however, we need to gauge the interest in attending such a conference.
    At the moment, we are only looking at a Europe wide conference, and so we
    need to try and find any European students under 35 years of age (sorry,
    funding body requirement) currently persuing graduate degrees in a
    humanities computing area (in whatever shape or form: from text processing
    to computing and archaeology, image processing to databases.... anything
    which can be broadly classed under "IT and the Humanities", where computing
    is an integral part of the research.)

    If any other postgraduate students out there would be interested in
    attending such a conference (5 days in Autumn 2001, fully funded including
    travel expenses) please could you fill out the following details and send
    them back to me at: melissa.terras@eng.ox.ac.uk Please note this is not a
    call for papers, nor a guarantee of attendance, it is a preliminary call to
    try and find out the interest in such a conference and the scope of work
    that other graduates are doing in the field in order to process the
    application. Any details you give me will be for the sole purpose of filling
    out these forms, and getting a structure to the conference schedule.

    If you know of any other post-graduate students currently doing research in
    humanities IT (in whatever shape or form) please can you forward this onto

    Thanks a lot,


    Details regarding an individual interested in possibly attending a European
    Conference for Graduate Students in IT and the Humanities

    First Name(s):
    Contact Details:

    Date of Birth:
    Country of Origin:

    Brief Academic background (2 or 3 lines):

    Area(s) of current research (2 or 3 lines):

    Current Academic Institution:

    Will you still be studying in Autumn 2001? Yes/No

    How much will (roughly) will the air fare cost you to get from your
    institution to Antwerp or Brussels? (We need this information to work out
    the average expenses needed to hold the conference, please specify the

    Any other information you think may be relevant:

    Melissa M Terras MA MSc
    Engineering Science / Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
    Christ Church
    University of Oxford
    Oxford 0X1 1DP

    office number (01865) 282181

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