16.531 postdoc in humanities computing at Alberta

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    [More evidence of the health of humanities computing in Canada. The
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    Dear Colleagues,

    Please join me virtually in congratulating Stan Ruecker on receiving a
    Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship in Humanities Computing. This may well be
    the first post-doc specifically in Humanities Computing, but more
    importantly, it's another testimony to the broadening institutional
    support for our disciplines, along with recent major research grants and
    the creation of new academic programmes.

    Stan epitomises interdisciplinary scholarship: he has a B.A. and an M.A.
    in English, a BSc in Computing Science, a Masters in Design, and will soon
    defend an interdisciplinary PhD thesis in Art & Design, English, and
    Humanities Computing.

    Stan's post-doctoral research with me will focus on interface design and
    graphical visualisation in text analysis tools. His insights and
    contributions to our field will certainly be welcome, as will his
    participation with the University of Alberta's MA in Humanities Computing.




    Stéfan Sinclair, University of Alberta Phone: (780) 492-6768, FAX: (780) 492-9106, Office: Arts 218-B Address: Arts 200, MLCS, UofA, Edmonton, AB (Canada) T6G 2E6 M.A. in Humanities Computing: http://huco.ualberta.ca/

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