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             Subject: JoDI (V3i4): an issue on e-education

    Journal of Digital Information announces
    A SPECIAL ISSUE on E-education: Design and Evaluation for Teaching and
    (Volume 3, issue 4, March 2003)
    Special issue Editors: Monica Landoni (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow)
    and Paloma Diaz (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

       From the special issue editorial:
    "A number of products and prototypes to assist teaching and learning have
    been produced and educational materials have been extensively published
    electronically, but it is still unclear to what extent all of this is of
    use to students and lecturers/tutors when it comes to real teaching and
    learning. ... there is still lot of confusion about what electronic
    learning objects are, standards are yet to be found and adopted
    successfully, and usability issues have been almost completely neglected.
    For this reason we hope that the papers presented in this special issue of
    the Journal of Digital Information will be of great interest and utility to
    people in education involved in the design, production, delivery and use of
    electronic materials and tools."

    The issue includes the following papers:

    C. Caracciolo
    Towards Modular Access to Electronic Handbooks

    L. Naber, M. Kohle
    E-nhance Lectures

    J. Ohene-Djan, A. Fernandes
    Personalising Electronic Books

    P. Polsani
    The Use and Abuse of Reusable Learning Objects

    N. Shiratuddin, M. Landoni, F. Gibb, S. Hassan
    E-Book Technology and Its Potential Applications in Distance Education

    R. Wilson
    E-education in the UK

    Readers of the last issue of JoDI (V3i3) on Hypertext Criticism: Writing
    about Hypertext may be interested to know that the bibliography has been
    supplemented with two new entries


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