18.628 CHum, ACH, portals and journals

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         From: "Fotis Jannidis" <jannidis_at_linglit.tu-darmstadt.de>
         Subject: Re: 18.626 CHum, ACH, portals and journals

> From: Daniel O'Donnell <daniel.odonnell_at_uleth.ca>

> I've been thinking more about the ACH/CHum issue since last night. I wonder
> if some kind of portal or meta site might not be the most useful thing. It
> is not quite a replacement for CHum, but it may still fill that need for a
> general outlet by packaging together material from more specialised
> sources.

I think this a good idea and would be a very good service to all
interested in this field. The problem is that we all are busy with running
our journals, but maybe we can setup a portal which more or less runs by
its own. A while ago we built a portal to German online journals and their
reviews <http://www.lirez.de>. But there all journals have to fill in the
metadata by hand. Nowadays we could use rss feeds and the portal could
aggregate them.

Fotis Jannidis


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