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Dear Humanist subscriber (please xqz any x-postings),


The scholarly e-journal Human IT
<http://www.hb.se/bhs/humanit/> hereby invites
paper submissions for a special issue on
"Electronic records" scheduled for release autumn 2006.

The last decades' development of ICT, changes in
organizational structures and work processes, and
political concerns about democracy and access to
information have provided challenges for archives
and record-keeping practices as well as for the
foundations of archival theory.

These changes have caused a need for new
practices, but have also generated new research
issues concerning authenticity and reliability,
legality, and preservation technologies. The
field has a multi-disciplinary character,
including for instance archival science, informatics and law.

Contributions may relate to a broad range of
topics, including (but not limited to):

Access to electronic records
Use and users' needs
Record-keeping and Electronic Governance
Personal Information Management
Management of hybrid systems
Preservation of cultural heritage
Case studies - implementation of standards,
guidelines and best practices, for instance ISO 15489, Moreq, OAIS etc.

Anneli Sundqvist at the Department of Information
Technology and Media, Mid Sweden University, Sweden, will act as guest editor.

We welcome and encourage all contributions on
these or other aspects of Electronic Records before March 1, 2006.

Human IT is a multidisciplinary, scholarly
e-journal dedicated to research and discussion
about digital media as communicative, aesthetic
and ludological instruments. It is published by
the Centre for Information Technology Studies as
a Human Science, which is a joint initiative by
the departments at the University College of Boras, Sweden.

Human IT publishes scholarly articles, essays and
reviews, and encourages the participation of
academics and practitioners alike. Contributions
in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English are
accepted, and up to this point the journal has
had a predominantly Scandinavian scope. However,
an increasing part of the material is written in
English and reaches an international audience.
Submitted manuscripts can either be considered
for the journal's refereed section (double blind
peer review by external referees) or its open
section (reviewed by the editorial board and the
guest editor). Authors should specify for which
section they wish their constributions to be considered.

The journal web site, including author
instructions and the full-texts of previous
issues, is available at:
http://www.hb.se/bhs/humanit/. For further
information, please visit the web site or contact
our guest editor Anneli Sundqvist at anneli.sundqvist_at_miun.se.

Yours sincerely,

Mats Dahlström, editor (Mats.Dahlstrom_at_hb.se)
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