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         Subject: Third IEEE European Conference on Web Services

                         CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                               ECOWS 2005
              Third IEEE European Conference on Web Services

                   Vaxjo, Sweden, 14-16 November 2005

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Services

In cooperation with ACM SIGWEB.


Monday 14 November 2005

Tutorials and Workshops

Tuesday 15 November 2005

Session 1: Composition

Spheres of Visibility
D. Biswas and K. Vidyasankar

Towards a Distributed Service-Oriented Business Rules System
F. Rosenberg and S. Dustdar

Evaluating FuseJ as a Web Service Composition Language
D. Suvee, B. De Fraine, M. Cibran, B. Verheecke, N. Joncheere, and
W. Vanderperren

Panel on "Semantic Web Services: Hype or Reality?"

chaired by John Davies, BT, UK
panelists: TBA

Session 2: Semantics I

A Cognitive Trust-Based Approach for Web Service Discovery and
A. Ali, S. Ludwig, and O. Rana

Multiversion Concurrency Control for Large-Scale Service Directories
W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, and S. Spycher

A Vector Space Search Engine for Web Services
C. Platzer and S. Dustdar

Session 3: Architecture

An Architecture for Developing Aspect-Oriented Web Services
S. Singh, J. Grundy, J. Hosking, and J. Sun

Pattern-Based Variability Management in Web Service Development
J. Jiang, A. Ruokonen, and T. Systa

Creating Self-Adaptive Service Systems with Dysoa
I. Bosloper, J. Siljee, J. Nijhuis, and D. Hammer

A Client-Side Framework Enabling Callbacks from Web Services
M. Ruth, F. Lin, and S. Tu

Wednesday 16 November 2005

Session 4: Case Studies

Engineering and Technology Aspects of an e-Government Architecture
Based on Web Services
B. Meneklis, A. Kaliontzoglou, C. Douligeris, and D. Polemi

Web Services, Enterprise Digital Dashboards and Shared Data
Services: A Proposed Framework
J. Ganesh and S. Anand

Semantic-Enabled Integration of Voice and Data Services:
Telecommunication Use Case
T. Vitvar and J. Viskova

Session 5: Choreography

Secure Choreography of Cooperating Web Services
A. Bengtsson and L. Westerdahl

Rethinking the Coordination Models of WS-Coordination and WS-CF
F. Leymann and S. Pottinger

A View-Based Approach for Tracking Composite Web Services
D. Benslimane, Z. Maamar, and C. Ghedira

Session 6: Diagnostics

Enhancing Web Services with Diagnostic Capabilities
L. Ardissono, L. Console, A. Goy, G. Petrone, C. Picardi,
M. Segnan, and D. Dupre

Monitoring Web Service Networks in a Model-Based Approach
Y. Yan, Y. Pencole, M.-O. Cordier, and A. Grastien

A Queuing Model for Service Selection of Multi-Classes QoS-Aware
Web Services
E. Badidi, L. Esmahi, and M. Serhani

Session 7: Semantics II

A Universal Service-Semantics Description Language
A. Bansal, S. Kona, L. Simon, A. Mallya, G. Gupta, and T. Hite

Exploring Semantic Technologies in Service Matchmaking
K. Li, J. Wu, S. Deng, Y. Li, W. Shi, and Z. Wu

WWW or What is Wrong with Web Services
R. Krummenacher, M. Hepp, A. Polleres, C. Bussler, and D. Fensel

Simon Harper
SIGWEB Information Director.
(at the University of Manchester - UK)

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