19.488 blog & Listserv directories?

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Willard, do you mean to restrict the field to academic blogs?

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Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 07:22:40 +0000
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I'd be grateful for recommendations of directories to blogs organized
by subject area or major preoccupation. The same for Listservs, please.

         Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 07:09:40 +0000
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         Subject: Re: 19.484 blog & Listserv directories?


ElectraPress is a collaborative, open-access scholarly project intended to
facilitate the reimagining of academic discourse in digital environments.
What's here at the moment is little more than a few electronic hammers and
some virtual nails, but I hope that this site might enable the kinds of
free experimentation what will produce a highly integrated collection of
resources for the online publication of new scholarly projects. These
resources might include -- but would hardly be limited to -- RSS feeds for
scholarly blogs, repositories for digital articles, and an electronic
imprint for the publication of monograph-length work of both traditional
textual and newer "born digital" forms.

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