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         From: Wendell Piez <wapiez_at_mulberrytech.com>
         Subject: Call for participation: DHQ-tech

Call for Participation: Digital Humanities Quarterly Technical Group

The new ADHO digital journal is in active development. We invite
volunteers to join a group of technical advisors and contributors,
offering time and expertise to the creation of innovative features
for the journal interface and publication design, functionalities and
maintenance. We envision activities including but not limited to the following:

-- refining schemas and developing stylesheets and utilities for a
"best of breed" XML content management and publication server
-- developing innovative authoring, conversion and editing systems
for XML and pre-XML formats
-- designing and implementing knowledge representation systems such
as topic maps, reference ontologies, etc.
-- developing tools for specialized visualization, innovative search
features, etc.
-- sharing information about tools and tools configuration
-- participating in broad development efforts such as internationalization
-- providing general advice and assistance on technical strategy

Development of the DHQ technical group will be coordinated by the
Technical Editor, John Walsh (University of Indiana). In addition to
features essential to the core journal functionality, we also expect
to discuss projects more loosely connected with the DHQ publication
system, and technologies and applications related to DHQ's formats
(XML, TEI, HTML/CSS, RSS/Atom, SVG etc. etc.) that are useful in
other frameworks or contexts.

Participation in any of these activities will be on an entirely
volunteer basis. Contributions will be credited and discussions archived.

If you have skills and interest in contributing, please consider
joining the dhq technical mailing list at


Or read more documentation on the DHQ development wiki, at


Please feel free to propagate this call (with apologies for duplication).

Thank you!

--Julia Flanders (Brown University) --Wendell Piez (Mulberry
Technologies, Inc.) --Melissa Terras (University College London)
--John Walsh (University of Indiana)

      "Thus I make my own use of the telegraph, without consulting
       the directors, like the sparrows, which I perceive use it
       extensively for a perch." -- Thoreau
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