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International Journal of Design: Call for Papers


The International Journal of Design is a peer-reviewed, open-access
journal devoted to publishing research papers in all fields of design.

Our vision is to publish high-quality design research, and to
disseminate this research to the widest possible audience. Our
Editorial Board consists of leading design researchers from all over
the world, all of whom are contributing their valuable time and
expertise to help establish a high standard for this journal. The
journal is published both online and in print. The online version is
open access, freely available for anyone, anywhere to download, read,
distribute, and use, with proper attribution of authorship, for any
non-commercial purpose. A printed version of the journal will also be

Submit your best work to the International Journal of Design!

Topics include:

- Social-Cultural Aspects of Design
- Globalization and Localization Approaches to Design
- Design Strategy and Management
- Ergonomics & Perceptions in Design
- Design Theories and Methodologies
- Computer Applications in Design

First issue is now available on-line:
International Journal of Design
Vol. 1 (1) April 2007 | Table of Contents
Lin-Lin Chen
International Journal of Design: A Step Forward
Original Articles:
Wen-chih Chang and Tyan Yu Wu
Exploring Types and Characteristics of Product Forms
Manlai You, Chun-wen Chen, Hantsai Liu and Hsuan Lin
A Usability Evaluation of Web Map Zoom and Pan Functions
Chien-Hsiung Chen and Yu-Hung Chien
Effects of RSVP Display Design on Visual Performance in Accomplishing
Dual Tasks with Small Screens
Kin Wai Michael Siu
Guerrilla Wars in Everyday Public Spaces: Reflections and
Inspirations for Designers
Pieter Desmet and Paul Hekkert
Framework of Product Experience
Design Case Studies:
Toni-Matti Karjalainen
It Looks Like a Toyota: Educational Approaches to Designing for
Visual Brand Recognition
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