10.0515 DRH97: Digital Resources in the Humanities

WILLARD MCCARTY (willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
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[1] From: Lou Burnard <lou@vax.ox.ac.uk> (61)
Subject: Conference Announcement: please post


D R H '97

St Annes College Oxford
14-17 September 1997


Bringing together the creators, users,
distributors, and custodians of Digital
Resources in the Humanities.

Mission: DRH97 aims to become a new forum for all those affected by
the digitization of our common cultural heritage: the scholar producing
or using an electronic edition; the teacher using digital media in the
seminar room; the publisher finding new ways to reach new markets; the
librarian, curator, art historian, or archivist wishing to improve both
access to and conservation of the digital information that
characterizes contemporary culture and scholarship.

Format : The conference will take up three intensive days of academic
papers, panel discussions, technical reports, and software
demonstrations, held this year in a comfortable Oxford college. The
atmosphere will, we hope, encourage a lot of energetic discussion, both
formal and informal. Leading practitioners of the application of
digital techniques and resources in the Humanities, from the worlds of
scholarship, librarianship, and publishing will be there, exchanging
expertise, experience, and opinions.

Sponsors: The conference is sponsored by the British Library, the
Office for Humanities Communication, the Arts and Humanities Data
Service, the Centre for Computing in the Humanities of Kings College
London, the International Institute for Electronic Library Research
of de Montfort University, the Library of University College
London, and the Humanities Computing Unit of Oxford University.

Timetable: Proposals are invited for academic papers, themed panel
sessions and reports of work in progress. Extended abstracts (1500 to two
thousand words) should be submitted by April 7th 1997. All proposals
will be reviewed by an independent panel. Full versions (2 to 4
thousand words) of accepted papers will be required by July 7th 1997
for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Themes: creation of digital resources, textual, visual, and
time-based; integration of digital resources as multimedia; policies
and strategies for electronic delivery, both commercial and
non-commercial; cataloguing and metadata aspects of resource discovery;
pedagogic implications of digital resources and electronic delivery;
encoding standards; intellectual property rights; funding,
cost-recovery, and charging mechanisms; digitization techniques and

Cost and accommodation: We hope to hold the conference fee at last year's
level (225 pounds, covering lunches, dinners, and the whole academic
programme). For accommodation, delegates can choose between ensuite rooms at 45
pounds/day or study/bedrooms with shared bathroom at 30 pounds/day for B & B.
All accommodation is on campus in modern purpose-built blocks adjoining the
quadrangle and within a few minutes walk of all conference facilities. The
conference banquet will cost an additional 40 pounds.

Further information: The conference web site at
http://users.ox.ac.uk/~drh97 will be regularly updated, and will
include full details of the procedure for submitting proposals, the
programme, and registration information. Bookmark it now!